Sigma Relay

8 Pin  90777

These are the Plug-In Relays

for the Electro-Mechanical

Chick Master

Incubators and Hatchers.



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This is the Genuine Original
OEM 8 Pin Sigma Relays that
operates all of the Chick Master
Electro-Mechanical Incubators
and hatchers.

My understanding is that
Sigma has quit and went
out of business and no one
else makes the Sigma relay.

The Sigma's are no longer
available from Chick Master.
We still have the ones that
came out with the equipment
when it was new.

You know
what kind of service you got
out of them, so here is an
opportunity to get some
more of the original ones.
It may be a real good idea
to get some extra ones too,
because I too, will one
day be out of them.