2,700 SWAP Plastic Chick Boxes

These Boxes are Used and have been washed.

They were in use and had to be replaced with

boxes that would work with new equipment.

I unloaded the entire trailer and never

noticed but 10 or 15 that were cracked.

SWAPChickBoxes01 (2).JPG - 83.26 kB 


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SWAPChickBoxes01 (8).JPG - 84.53 kB


SWAPChickBoxes01 (3).JPG - 80.47 kB


Yellow   Blue   Red

Six Post...Very Nice

Wrapped 160 Per Pallet



Chick and/or Poult Boxes

 (On Hand Now)

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These are actually Turkey Boxes.

They are about 2 inches Taller than a regular Chick Box.

We had about 650 of these and one of the

Guys was here recently from Central America

and bought them all but about 200.

He said they were much better for there because

they were taller and the chicks had more room for air.

They are divided in the center to accommodate 50 on

each side. They are approximately the same size as a

standard chick box. I turned one of them Up Side Down and

He was very amazed to see that you could stand on it.

Yes, they are Very Tough Boxes.

cboxes05.jpg - 21.40 kB


These are the paperless boxes...


cboxes12.jpg - 25.59 kB


They are Used and Quite Clean


cboxes11.jpg - 32.33 kB