Kuhl Tray Washers

Model HTW-250 Hi Pressure


( 40 Horsepower Wash Pump and 2 15 HP on Rinse)

We have two of these units in stock ready to ship.

(I personally saw both of these units run. Sounded like a hurricane to me.)


Excellent Condition


You are welcome to come see

them before you buy if you wish.












Kuhl40HPPump.JPG - 82.86 kB










BlackSnakeKuhlTraywasher01 (37).JPG - 35.31 kB


 wpe2B.jpg - 35.37 kB




Smaller Ones


wpeF.jpg - 36.20 kB



Our Largest Kuhl Tray Washer

Model Kuhl A-HTW 500

Serial Number 8031

More Info To Come


NorthCoveWarehouseArea01 (109).JPG - 80.96 kB


NorthCoveWarehouseArea01 (112).JPG - 81.98 kB


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 I forgot about this 60 HP Air Compressor.

I'll Make a page for it later.


Kuhl Tray Washer that

will wash 250 Trays Per Hour.

Description: High Pressure

Capacity: 250 Trays Per Hour

Double Tanks:

Power Wash--Power Rinse

One 40 Horsepower Wash Pump

Two 15 Horsepower Rinse Pumps

Hot Water Coils in Tanks

Hot Water Boilers Available


Power Requirements:

208 Volts 3 Phase 129.1 Amps 60 Cycle

Date Built: 23 December 1980


I have saw and heard both of these


Tray Washers Run before I took


them out, and believe me,


they sound like a Hurricane.


I spoke with Henry Kuhls


brother before he retired about


these units. He said they


were excellent units


and the cost New was


in the $80,000.00 range.



As Used Equipment they



are Much Cheaper Now!


 We have Smaller Units Also

to Fit Your Needs




Fowler Tray Washer

Has One 40 HP Pump

and Two 15 HP Pumps

Hot Water Wash and Hot Water Rinse

Adjustable Varible Speed Trays Per Hour

Measurements Listed Below

Stainless Steel

Hot Water Boilers Available if needed.

Stainless TW 1.jpg - 44.30 kB 

Wide 43 Inches

 Maximum Width 56 at Electric Box

Height 57 Inches

Length is 24 Feet Long without Aprons

One Apron 18 Inches Long

the other one 24 inches long.

Total Length 27 Feet 6 Inches Long

Filter Screens 35 x 14 Inches

2 Of Them, One In Wash Tank and One In Rinse Tank


There is ONE 40 Horse Power Pump

on the Wash Tank

There are TWO 15 Horse Power Pumps

on the Rinse Tank

Nozzles are 10 Inches Tall

(Clearance) off of Conveyor Chain

There is 120 Nozzles For the Wash Tank

There is 120 Nozzles For the Rinse Tank

A Total of 240 Nozzles in the Tray Washer

(That's A Lot)

It can Wash Hatcher Trays and Baskets

and Chick Boxes Also.

I'm not sure if it can wash the Plastic Egg Flats or not.

Now you know why this piece of

equipment sounds like a HURRICANE

when it is running!!


Stainless TW 2.jpg - 49.17 kB

Stainless TW 3.jpg - 41.94 kB

Wash Tank and Rinse Tank

are independant of each other.

Stainless TW 4.jpg - 43.21 kB

You may run Hot Water in Both of

them or Either of them at the same time.

Stainless TW 5.jpg - 44.99 kB

Both Tanks, Wash and Rinse,

is Equiped with Heat Exchangers

for use with Hot Water if you want to use it.

Stainless TW 6.jpg - 39.49 kB

We have suitable Boilers for each of our

  Washers at Additional Charge, if Needed.

Stainless TW 7.jpg - 38.26 kB

Pictured Here Are The Nozzles

Stainless TW 8.jpg - 30.67 kB

Notice Conveyor Chain Below Nozzles

wpe2B.jpg - 35.37 kB

Call Us... We should be able

to answer your  Questions.


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