Jamesway Turkey Incubator Racks

These are belived to be the

Jamesway ACI Turning Incubator

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Joe Lawing has posted this web Site and I cannot find

a way to turn these rack up on it wheels.

(Ya gonna have to use ya imagination on these)

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See Below for more information and

 pictures of Jamesway ACI Fan Roll Arounds.


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I believe we have about 32 of these.

They are in Excellent Condition.

Also many of the 25 egg plastic trays that fit insdie them.

But not enough to fill all the racks.

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As you can see these racks are 52 inches wide


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And 79 1/4 Inches Tall,


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Front to Back 26 1/2 inches.

These Racks are used, but the dont look like it.

They have had Excellent Care taken of them.


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These Turning Racks and much other are located at our

warehouses in Marion, North Carloina 28752.

And YES, you are welcome and invited to come see

them and 7 other warehouses of Hatchery Equipment.

The tour of the Farm and Warehouse area

takes about a day, or more if needed.


Jamesway ACI Roll Around

Fan and Heater Units

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We have 6 of these above Jamesway

Roll Arounds Fan/Heaters/ Humidity



Cheif of Security

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