Jamesway Incubators and Hatchers

12 Complete Sets PT-100 Super J

(Really Nice)

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17 Jamesway Big J Incubators
(Electro-Mechanical Controls)

18 Jamesway Big J Hatchers
(Electro-Mechanical Controls)


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We are selling 17 Sets of Jamesway Big J Incubators 
with Electro-Mechanical Controls. They will also have 
18 Jamesway Big J Hatchers
with Electro-Mechanical 
Controls. Should you choose to, you could easily upgrade 
this equipment to Digital Controls or even to PT-100 Controls.

This equipment is the Incubators that came 
from the Arbor Acre Hatchery located 
at Carthage, Mississippi. Many AA visiting 
clients went to see this Hatchery as it was 
a showcase hatchery to promote the sales 
of the Breeders. Our company personally 
dismantled this equipment and I know for 
a fact that it is in better than average condition. 
We have had this equipment in stock now 
for a few years as I have tried to keep it 
together and sell all 17 sets to the same person. 
We have not sold any of it yet as that is 
a rather large chunk of equipment. 
We are now offering it so you don't have 
to purchase all 17 sets. There were two groups 
of this equipment. This is Common Wall equipment, 
and there were two rooms full of it. 
One room had 11 sets of Incubators in 
it and the other room had 6 sets in it. 
Because this is Common Wall equipment, 
I would still like to sell one group of 
6 sets and then we could split the other 
room as to how ever it needs to be done. 
Or still yet, sell all 17 sets to the same company. 
There is where the best price of this equipment will be.

I have priced it very attractive the more sets you purchase. 
All 17 sets can be purchased for less that 3 new ones would cost. 
I have also put the prices for this equipment on line 
for you to view right now. We normally don't do that.

In addition, I have several extra Control Cabinets 
for this same type equipment. 
I will see to it you get some extra for spares.

Questions?, call me and we will discuss it.



One Set of
(one incubator and one hatcher)
of Jamesway Big J will Hatch:
25,920 eggs per week

Available Now!

Ready to ship
FOB Marion, North Carolina
28752 USA

Most of this equipment is still being stored 
in the same trailers we transported it home in.

This equipment was a
Former Arbor Acre Hatchery
located at Carthage, Mississippi.
It has been taken apart and is
now located at our headquarters in
Marion, North Carolina 28752 USA

One Set
(one incubator and one hatcher)
of Jamesway Big J will Hatch:
90 trays of 144 eggs per
tray= 12,960 eggs per hatch.

2 Hatches per week.
12,960 X 2= 25,920 eggs per week.


There were 2 Incubator Rooms.
One room had 11 Incubators and
the other room 6 Incubators.
These are Common Wall Incubators.


All 17 Incubators will
hatch 440,640 eggs per week.


11 Incubators will
hatch 285,120 eggs per week.


6 Incubators will
hatch 155,520 eggs per week.


Straight In-Straight Out Design

All Very Good Condition

Other Equipment that was
at this Facility also available

17 Jamesway Big J Incubators

18 Jamesway Big J Hatchers

1 Kuhl Single Line
Traywasher (Nice)

1 Moba 1000 Egg

1 Pneumatic Egg Trayer
for 36 egg flats

250 KW US Motors
6 Cylinder Diesel Generator Set

Call us, we can work out 
something on this equipment.

Yes, Jesus Loves Us All.