Humidity Sprayer Nozzles

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Humidity Sprayer
Nozzles, Strainers,
and Nozzle Holders.

As you can see,
we have most all
the popular sizes of
the Humidity Nozzles.
They come packed in
lots of 12 each per size.

The Nozzles are
Stainless Steel.

Also notice that we
handle the extras of the
Stainless Steel Strainers.
Its always handy to have
some of them on hand.

Also please notice that we
have the Nozzle Holders.
There are two
different sizes of them.
The 1/4 in. Pipe and
the 3/8 Pipe sizes.
They are made of Brass.
They also come in
packs of 12 each.

The Chick Master
Incubators use the 7.0 GPH
80 Degree PLP Nozzle.

The Chick Master
Hatchers use the 2.50 GPH
60 Degree PL Nozzle.

We stock these sizes
and many of the other
popular sizes of nozzles
in case you choose to
use another size.

Just advise us what size,
and if we do not have
it on the shelf,
we can get it for you!