5 Sets of Chick Master 
Model 99 
Incubators and Hatchers
Complete with Chick Master 
Model 90L Hatchers

(One Set will Hatch 22,680 Eggs Each Week)

That's about 10,000 Chicks each Monday
 and 10,000 Chicks each Thursday.

BS 009S 







cminside01 (2).JPG (2218751 bytes)   cminside01.JPG (2474808 bytes) 

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Here are the Hatchers

Here's What You Get With One Set:

1 Chick Master Model 99 Incubator

1 Chick Master Model 90L Hatcher

3 of the Farm Buggys to handle
the eggs before setting them.

 The 3 Farm Racks are to hold eggs prior 
to placing them the in incubator.
I will also see to it that you 
get some extra egg flats too. 


The Incubator is Complete with

Blue 42 or Pink 48 Egg Plastic Flats.

The Hatcher is Complete 
with 90 Metal Hatch trays.


We do NOT have any
Chick Master 102 or 109 at this time.


Total Egg Capacity:

Blue Flats--79,380 Eggs   

Pink Flats--90,720 Eggs


Weekly Egg Capacity for 1 Set:

Blue 42 flats 22,680 eggs    

Pink 48 Flats 25,920 eggs

That's about 10,000 Chicks each Monday
 and 10,000 Chicks each Thursday.

Incubator Total Trays:   540 Trays

Hatcher Total Trays:   90 Trays


One Tray Capacity:

Blue Flats--126 eggs   

Pink Flats--144 eggs

There Are 90 Trays Per Hatch



Incubator Total Egg Capacity

Blue Flats--68,040 eggs   

Pink Flats--77,760 eggs


Hatcher Total Egg Capacity

Blue Flats--11,340 eggs 

Pink Flats--12,960 eggs


Total Egg Capacity - One Set

Blue Flats--79,380 eggs 

Pink Flats--90,720 eggs


These Incubators have WOODEN CABINETS,

They are covered with the 

We do NOT know the year. Probably the 1970s.

The Hatchers are the White Fiberglass Cabinets.



The Size of the 
Chick Master 99 Incubator is

21 Feet 9 Inches Long 
6.63 Meters Long

8 Feet 6 Inches Tall 
2.59 Meters Tall

10 Feet 2 inches Wide 
3.10 Meters Wide


The Size of the 
90L Hatcher Blue Front

These measurements are 
within a couple of inches

10 Feet 2 inches Wide

7 feet 2 inches tall 
Control Cabinet 4 inches more.

From front to back 
5 feet 2 inches.


This equipment is in Good Condition,
and ARE able to be moved.


The PRICE will reflect they are not NEW.

Good, YES !

New, NO !


This equipment has now been 
disassembled from the hatchery 
location and moved to our 
local warehouses in 
Marion, North Carolina


2 Complete Sets will fit inside 
a 40 foot ocean container.


We will sell ONE set, or the entire lot.


We do NOT have any 
Chick Master 102 or 109 at this time.


We DO have available Upgrade Controls,
even though you don’t need them.


We usually have some Standby Generators.

We usually have some Chick-Go-Rounds

We do have some very nice Tray Washers

We usually have some Vaccinators.


We have shipped 
Incubators and Parts to:

USA, Canada, Venezuela, Argentina, 
Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, 
Puerto Rica, Germany, Morocco, 
Nigeria, Jordan, Ghana, 
Senegal, Zambia, Caribbean, 
Philippines, Pakistan 
and others that wont 
come to mind right 
at this moment.

We have been in the 
Incubator Business 
since the Late 1960s.

We were in the 
Hatchery Business 
from 1955 to 1992.


We have many Pictures of this equipment.

Some of them are on the Wire, most are not.

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Call or Email for the prices.

Quantity discounts.


I will need to know 
how many
eggs you 
wish to hatch each week.

OH Yes...

Jesus Loves You !