Chick Master Controller

Model 768 Smith

We have 10 or 12 of these. Some are

Brand New and were never installed.

They bought new equipment instead.

Dates Showing Built in 06/2013


ChickMasterSmith768Setter01-1.JPG - 31.92 kB


ChickMasterSmith768Setter01-18.JPG - 57.94 kB


ChickMasterSmith768Setter01-10.JPG - 52.39 kB


ChickMasterSmith768Setter01-11.JPG - 45.33 kB




Chick Master S3 Controller








Chick Master Control Panel 



BS-025S.jpg - 24.48 kB






There are many more models of controllers not listed.

I will try to get more of them posted, Ultra, Isis, S2, S3 and others.

We have Used Parts for many of them, and some new parts.

Call us and see. Joe Lawing   PH 828-738-4427