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I am Searching for These Items:








 Aquamagic Egg Washer & Grader


Vortex Controllers


Jamesway 84 Egg Flats

If you have extra parts you no longer need for any type Incubators or Hatchery Related Equipment,

we may could purchase them from you or trade you for something you could use. Call me...Joe


Be Sure Not To Miss

Around the Warehouse Area

(Second Item Down on the Left)


We Buy and Sell


Used Incubator Equipment Since1968 or so.


You have likely came here looking For

USED Incubators and Hatchers and Parts.

Well, you are at the correct place.


We have enough Incubators and Hatchers On Hand,

In Our Warehouses AT THIS TIME to hatch

about 1,000,000 (1Million) eggs each week.


So if you are looking for used Equipment

and Parts for the Older Type Equipment,

You are truly at the correct place.


We go to the International Poultry Exposition In Atlanta

 ipe2011atlanta02_21.jpg - 32.48 kB  ipe2011atlanta02_28.jpg - 30.91 kB


Poultryshow2012_2_-_Copy.jpg - 43.63 kB  Poultryshow2012_22_-_Copy.jpg - 34.26 kB


We Buy and Sell mostly Used Equipmnet of

the popular Brands.

Buckeye, Chick Master, Jamesway,

Robbins, and some Petersime.

Incubators and Hatchers, Generators, Tray Washers

and most all things found at the Hatchery Level.

Did I mention Plastic Egg Trays, and no longer needed Incubators or Parts

A small bit about Lawing Incubator Company.

I started the Incubator Company soon after

Military Service (Army) in the late 1960s.

We already Operated a Hatchery my Father,

(Howard Lawing),started back in the early 1950s.

We operated the Hatchery, A Breeder Operation

and a Agriculture Operation until 2002.

We lost my Dad in a tractor accident in 2000.

I tried to run the Farm and the Incubator Company

for another 2 years, until 2002, when I saw,

I just cant do all that at the same time. I was

traveling all over this continent, selling and

setting up hatchery equipment, gone 1/3 of

the time and trying to operate the hatchery too,

I saw I just could not do that successfully.

So in 2002, we quit the farming of some 300 acres,

the Feed Making Operation, The Breeder Operation

of some 5,000 breeders and the Hatchery operation.

Now all we do is operate the Incubator Company.

So as you can see, This is not my First Day

dealing with the Poultry Industry. Many of you

know me and have traded with us over they years.

We are still going strong and have 8 warehouses

of equipment for you to come see.

The tour will take most of the whole day. 


Give us a call and lets see if we can help you.

You are certainly invited to come see the

equipment and pick out the things you will need.

We can help you if you are a start-up operation or

already running a hatchery. If you need to add

just one or two sets of equipment, we may even

have the same type of equipment as the rest

of your equipment so you don't have to have

two different kinds.

Don't Forget we also buy hatchery and related

equipment if it is in very good condition.

Look through the line-up on the left side of the page

and if you don't see what you are looking for,

call us and lets talk. We will help you if we can.


NO, we do NOT have everything listed!!

All this and more is located at:


Lawing Incubator Company

1164 Mud Cut Loop
Marion, North Carolina  28752

Phone 828-738-4427



You are welcome to come see. 
We have many 
things for the Hatchery.

You would fly to any
of these airports.

Charlotte, North Carolina Airport - CLT
83 Miles away

Greenville-Spartanburg Airport- GSP 
81 Miles away

Asheville Regional Airport -AVL 
45 Miles away

Make an appointment to come and see them.


Lawing Incubator Company

Phone 828-738-4427

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.