Refrigeration Compressors

We have several compressors at this time.

Here they are pictured with a brief description.


Copeland Scroll


(These are Tamdem Compressors)

I personally let the Charge out of this units and took the compressors

and Soldiered up the Copper Pipes within a few hours of removal.

These compresors were taken from a local Plant that Up Dated to larger unit.

RefrigerationCompressors02-4.JPG - 84.82 kB

RefrigerationCompressors02-8.JPG - 80.62 kB

RefrigerationCompressors02-10.JPG - 83.90 kB

RefrigerationCompressors02-12.JPG - 83.79 kB

RefrigerationCompressors02-7.JPG - 79.58 kB

RefrigerationCompressors02-19.JPG - 82.54 kB

RefrigerationCompressors02-24.JPG - 77.58 kB


MVC-001S-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 29.28 kB

MVC-019S-3-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 41.38 kB

MVC-020S-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 40.05 kB

Ref1-14-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 39.29 kB

MVC-008S-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 27.03 kB


Trane Compressor Units


RefComp02-10-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 41.32 kB

RefComp02-13-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 38.41 kB

RefComp02-15-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 43.98 kB

RefComp02-18-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 34.88 kB

RefComp02-20-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 34.02 kB

RefComp02-26-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 40.60 kB

RefComp02-27-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 35.04 kB

RefComp02-30-2016_05_09-22_34_51-UTC.JPG - 40.09 kB



60 HP Worthington

ReciplicatorAir Compressor

Came from one of our local plants that closed.

It was the Back-Up Compressor

This thing is BIG....And Heavy Duty




Hydraulic Pump

Here is one of the numbers:

Vickers PVB20-RS-20 CC-11

(Got 8 or 10)

 Piston Pump

TRW Ross Gear Div.   Code 295 6 F

Spec MAB 24010 A1

Hydraulic Motor   (got 10 or so) 

hydmotor03.jpg___7.jpg - 19.93 kB

Here is one of the numbers:

Vickers PVB20-RS-20 CC-11

 There are several others also.

We have acquired several pieces

of this Hydraulic Equipment!

These USED Hydraulic Pumps and Motors MAY

fit your Feed

Delivery Trucks and other Important Applications

throughout your facility.

Give this paper to the Truck Shop Supervisor



Ellison Stainless Steel Doors

Right and Left Doors

that Swing Both Ways

(Very Nice)

 HubbardSSDoors01 (1) (2016_05_09 22_34_51 UTC).JPG - 29.38 kB

HubbardSSDoors01 (2) (2016_05_09 22_34_51 UTC).JPG - 22.46 kB

HubbardSSDoors01 (3) (2016_05_09 22_34_51 UTC).JPG - 46.73 kB

HubbardSSDoors01 (4) (2016_05_09 22_34_51 UTC).JPG - 39.68 kB

I can see 7 Sets here in this photo.

I think there may be one or two more sets

there also on the other side of this hack.


Double Doors That Swing Both Ways

These Heavy Duty Commercial Doors are

Excellent Doors for use in the Hatchery.

They are Automatic Close by

  means of their own weight.

No Springs or Closure Devices to

give trouble and problems.

When you pass through with a

Cart or Rack of Eggs, these doors

will Automatically Close by use of their

own weight without a Forceful Impact

  to Break Eggs or Impair Passage.

They are always Pressure Washer

Ready to Keep Clean and Sanitize.

Very Rugged Construction

for Long Life and Trouble Free Operation.

These Doors are Made of Stainless Steel

We also have some other doors

that are Automatic Close as these

are that are made of Vinyl material

and other Plastics.

(They Are Not Yet Pictured)



Bahnson Humidifiers

Humidfrs02.jpg - 34.73 kB

Humidfrs03.jpg - 34.17 kB

We have several of these Used Bahnsons Humidifiers.

Some are single Phase andsome are 3 Phase power.

They SURE make a hugeamount of Humidity!